image Creating Art For a Cause

Little fingers holding brush and trying to recreate a Monet, or a Van Gogh or Bosch. Little happy faces using colors of their own choice and painting their imagination, yes, that is Leap Years Preschool’s Art exhibition for you. While schools today are all focused on book learning and mindless education, children are losing touch with art and creativity, but this exhibition was indeed a pleasant sight.

Every Child Is An Artist

To believe that every child is an artist and the world of education is something that needs to be explored is the most innovative thing, a preschool can offer and through Leap Years Preschool we do offer an endless horizon to the little ones to explore, have fun and also learn in the process.

The Freedom in Art

Through this innovative initiative, the children not only painted but also came to know about the Master Artists and their master pieces as well. This helped children to know about their skills and explore their interest in Art. The children through this art show were not just taught, but also encouraged to explore their interest. They were not held in the strong grip of the rules, instead they were free to innovate and explore the various possibilities that Art has to offer.

Innovation and Lesson

The Art Show and Exhibition displayed the paintings by the children and the amount rose as a result of this Show/ fundraiser were donated to the children who were not so privileged. The children were subtly taught the lesson of giving back to the society, sharing joy and helping those who are not so privileged in life. The event which was held in the school premises was indeed one of the most unique events organized by any preschool. The children of this school are taught lessons of utmost importance in the most fun, amazing and unconventional of ways.

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