imageHyperactivity- Or Just A Myth?

Kids are little balls of energy. They can run around, play, fight, do everything possible and yet never get tired. Handling them can be quite a task for the parent but tagging them as hyperactive can be quite harsh. A child may seem to have limitless energy and parents often find it tiresome to cope with them since a child may simply move from one activity to the other in a fraction of a second. But each child is unique and there is absolutely no thumb rule for handling a kid who is always active. You must remember that kids are determined and enthusiastic and often their behavior can translate into something which can be frustrating for an adult. It is up to a parent to engage the child in such a manner so that their energy is channelized constructively. Tagging them as hyperactive is never a solution; some kids are energetic and love to be engaged in activity. So know how to engage them.

Create Smart Rules

It is not easy to establish order with an active child. There should be no overabundance of rules which will hamper the natural growth of a child. The laid back parenting technique can work wonders for some, but not necessarily for an active and energetic child. You need to lay down certain rules and ensure that the child follows them. The task might seem cumbersome, especially when the child is not ready to follow an orderly pattern. But, in this way, you will set expectations, so that the child knows what he should do from day to day.

Know their Pace of Change and Adjust

Most children who love activity are resilient to change. You should never pick on the child and pronounce his inability to cope with change. It is a good thing to be predictable; in his or her later years, the child will learn to be consistent and stick to careful planning. As a parent, you can talk to him or her about the new changes and not impose them suddenly. Spirited kids need their own time and pace to change; as a parent, you can allow that time to avoid confrontations.

Most kids are often tagged as hyperactive whereas, hyperactivity might just be a myth for them. They are just being ‘Kids’ as they jump and pounce around lost in their own world. As a parent, you should see if your household environment is conducive for the growth of the child. Are you listening to your child enough? Are you allowing the child to do what he desires and deserves? If a child comes home from school with a lot of energy you cannot just plonk them before the television or allow them to play video games. Rather, you can ask them to help you around the

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