imageKnow Top Three Benefits of Chess for Your Child

A healthy mind and a fit body is a must for any and every child Thus board games such as chess for sure are great games for brain development of children. So what are the benefits? Read on as we share more…

Chess Improves Concentration And Memory

According to various studies playing chess improves the visual memory of a child along with attention span and spatial reasoning ability. As we know that concentration and memory go hand in hand and so for sure it is a good idea. Moreover, to play well a child needs to focus completely on his objective – capturing the opponent’s king. As the player constantly visualizes the board, its pieces, moves and counter moves the power of concentration automatically develops.

Motor Skill Development

The squashing, squeezing, rolling or flattening movement that are involved while playing with the play dough is very helpful for the development of muscles and tendons of the little hands. These motions actually encourage the children for their prewriting skills and other future activities that they would require to do in the future.

Enhances Reasoning And Math Skills

If anyone concentrates on playing chess since childhood the math and reasoning skill develops and matures. Playing chess allows improvement in reading ability and identifying numeric. Researchers suggest that the cognitive process that is used to play chess includes decoding, thinking, comprehension and analysis at the same time, hence it helps to improve the child’s reasoning and mathematics skills.

Chess Fosters Logical And Critical Thinking

Chess favors creative thinking; both logical and critical. Studies show that chess boosts creativity in one specific area- originality. Playing chess increases original thinking, But why? Researchers theorize that chess trains the mind to play with possibilities, which is a cornerstone of primeval thinking.

Optimal Age to Start Learning to Play Chess

Not all experts agree on the perfect age for children to start learning to play chess; some say the earlier the better because the younger the child the greater the impact. Experts suggest Kindergarten kids are best for chess as they have brains like sponges. While some children are ready to learn the game by age 4 , some start learning only when they are 7 to 8. By the time a child reaches second grade he becomes totally ready to take the game on his stride. Whatever the right age to put a child to a chess class – rest assured that it will only impact your child's development in a positive way.

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