imageLet Your Kids Spend Their Free Time sans Gadget

Downloading games, watching Youtube videos, clicking selfies, well we are definitely not speaking about the adults. Take a look around, and you are sure to find a group of young toddlers and kids with their faces buried in tabs, smart phones or some other gadgets. While handing a gadget to your kids can be the easiest way to keep them engaged but have you ever thought what impact it will have on your kids?

Aren’t they missing the best part of their childhood? Remember the times when kids used to go for vacations, play and jump around with their friends or spend their time with crayons and story books? Even though, it may seems that those days were eons of years ago, we would suggest, don’t let those happy times pass away. Make sure your kids stay gadget free, to breathe, see, hear and feel life to the fullest and not see them through some screen.

Ignite Their Imagination

So your little one is bored – and you do not know what to do? Do hand them a colorful story book to read and explore instead of your tab or smart phone. Reading a story book will help your little ones to open up their imagination and extend the boundaries of their imagination. Imagination is the greatest gift you can give to your child; do not let him grow up devoid of it.

Observe and Play

On a bright and beautiful day, or we would suggest every day, take your little one out on a playground. Let them see the world, explore nature and play with others. This will help in better understanding of the world around him and also help them in learning social skills. An outdoor game amidst nature is the best way to spend free time, instead of handing them a gadget to play.

Exploring Is The Key

Keep them away from the screen. Instead make them help you while preparing snacks or dinner, so that they get to explore the world of taste and food. Let them help you in your household chores so that they understand their responsibility as they grow up. If you have some free time or have elderly family members, a story telling session can be a fun way to spend some happy family time and also help in creating a stronger bond amongst the family members.

Do keep in mind that raising a child is not an easy task – you need to invest time like in everything else. So make sure you are doing that in right fashion.

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