imageThe Importance of Play Dough for Preschool Children

Ever since your little one has started to crawl, you have been worried about, what might keep them busy and calm. Handling them your tab or phone is never a good option. The more they are exposed to digital equipments, there are more chances of them getting restless and impatient. How about introducing them to Playdough, the most loved creative and helpful playing equipment for your toddler? Be it at home, or at the playschool play dough can have many benefits on your child


When children are allowed to play with the fun and colored dough, they tend to use all their creativity in creating everything that are familiar to them, like vegetables, animals or their favorite cakes or food. Someday they might create a monster while on other day Christmas decorations or food. With play dough, there are hardly any restrictions and their imagination can go boundless thus making play dough the best way to promote and nurture their creativity.

Motor Skill Development

The squashing, squeezing, rolling or flattening movement that are involved while playing with the play dough is very helpful for the development of muscles and tendons of the little hands. These motions actually encourage the children for their prewriting skills and other future activities that they would require to do in the future.


So the playing dough is not just about play. If your little one is always restless, hand him some play dough. As they squish, squeeze or knead the dough, this will act as a stress ball, and calm him down and soothe him. Playing with the dough will help in releasing his extra energy towards the playing and will also improve his focus.

Hand and Eye co-ordination

The use of various materials used for the dough play enhances the hand, body and eye co-ordination.

Social Skill

While playing with play dough in school, the children interact, play and learn with each other. This in return helps them in interacting and socializing with each other. A preschool is their first interaction with the outer world and when they play and learn things from each other, it preps them up for the society, in which they are going to be a part of. No play is play for your little ones, so while choosing a preschool for them, always keep in mind what are the playing equipments that are offered in the school and if you spot play dough in the playing area, you know you are quite on the right track.

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