imageWhich Kind of Parent Are You?

Parenting begins with the first cry of your new born and ends? Probably never! While some parents are authoritative, some are indulgent and there are some who are hardly involved. Your parenting style may have a huge impact on the child you will raise and hence choosing the right style becomes a vital decision for any parent. Being a new parent, you might be a bit lost, but we are there to help you out as you step into a new journey.

According to researchers there are mainly four kinds of parenting styles.

The ‘Because I said so’ Parents

Or the authoritarian parents are the most prevalent type of parenting, where the parents provide a set of rules for their children and the children has to follow them. No questions are entertained and any questions are countered by ‘Because I said so’.

The children might be very well disciplined as a result of this style, but they might grow up into being very hostile or aggressive and lack problem solving capability.

The ‘You will Be Rewarded’ Parents

Or the Authoritative parents are disciplined and will expect their child to follow the rules set by them, but they might also allow exceptions. These parents are more considerate of their child’s emotions and set the limits accordingly. And rather than punishing, they have a more positive approach of rewarding the child, when they follow what they are asked to do. The result of this style of parenting is always good, where the child may grow up into being happy, successful, free and opinionated, however the parent may find it difficult to follow this style.

The ‘Kids Will be Kids’ Parents

Or the Permissive Parents are the best parents to have, but the children may grow up to become undisciplined, incompetent and may also get engaged in risky and disruptive behavior. Since these kinds of parents are more lenient and friendly, the children will grow up to become more efficient in problem solving and more confident than the rest.

The ‘I Don’t Know’ Parents

Or the Uninvolved parents are the last one in the category. These parents are hardly involved with their children and might even expect their children to raise themselves up. Ofcourse they might have some emotional or health issues or might be clueless about parenting, but the children may suffer a lot as a result of this. A sense of loneliness, being emotionally withdrawn from society, low self esteem, addiction are some of the results of this kind of parenting.

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