At Leap Years Preschool the underlying philosophy is “To Nurture. With Love.”

Pre-school years are very special in the development of a child. During this time the child is beginning to acquire the basic capabilities and require exceptional understanding and support.Leap Years was started on the conviction that each child is unique and needs to be understood as an individual. At this tender age they need opportunities to develop holistically and more importantly they need to be shielded from competitive pressures. It is believed that their experiences during these years can have a subconscious impact for life.

Leap Years Preschool at first glance looks a lot like children playing, but even play offers serious lesson. It is well established that during the early years of development, play is a key element of learning. This is the beginning of education. The importance of building towers out of blocks or making pretty colors with water is not always clear to an outsider but our dedicated team of educators will be able to explain it. Preschool activities cannot and should not be random. The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the role of each activity to guide the child in the exploration. Each day is filled with fun activities that excite and help the child develop both cognitively and socially. Our “Reading corners” are designed to encourage your child to explore books or take a break to connect with one self.

The curriculum at Leap Years is driven by the passion to help lay a foundation on which the child can eventually become an independent learner and happy individual. Our approach is based on the established Montessori program. However, we have actually gone beyond by innovating and incorporating contemporary ideas to make the learning more meaningful to the child.

Our unique curriculum helps your child learn through hands-on activities and state-of-the-art materials that develop confidence, self-esteem, and a love for knowledge. We provide specialized learning environments focused on core subjects, science, mathematics and language, cultural studies, dramatic play, fine arts, including Yoga and Music, and sensory exploration. Everything we do is designed for learning.