imageWhich Kind of Parent Are You?

Parenting begins with the first cry of your new born and ends? Probably never! While some parents are authoritative, some are indulgent and there are some who are hardly involved. Your parenting style may have a huge impact on the child you will raise and hence choosing the right style becomes a vital decision for any parent. Being a new parent, you might be a bit lost, but we are there to help you out as you step into a new journey.

According to researchers there are mainly four kinds of parenting styles.Read More

imageHyperactivity- Or Just A Myth?

Kids are little balls of energy. They can run around, play, fight, do everything possible and yet never get tired. Handling them can be quite a task for the parent but tagging them as hyperactive can be quite harsh. A child may seem to have limitless energy and parents often find it tiresome to cope with them since a child may simply move from one activity to the other in a fraction of a second. But each child is unique and there is absolutely no thumb rule for handling a kid who is always active.

You must remember that kids are determined and enthusiastic and often their behavior can translate into something which can be frustrating for an adult. It is up to a parent to engage the child in such a manner so that their energy is channelized constructively.Read More

imageLet Your Kids Spend Their Free Time sans Gadget

Downloading games, watching Youtube videos, clicking selfies, well we are definitely not speaking about the adults. Take a look around, and you are sure to find a group of young toddlers and kids with their faces buried in tabs, smart phones or some other gadgets. While handing a gadget to your kids can be the easiest way to keep them engaged but have you ever thought what impact it will have on your kids?

Aren’t they missing the best part of their childhood? Remember the times when kids used to go for vacations, play and jump around with their friends or spend their time with crayons and story books? Even though, it may seems that those days were eons of years agoRead More

imageThe Importance of Play Dough for Preschool Children

Ever since your little one has started to crawl, you have been worried about, what might keep them busy and calm. Handling them your tab or phone is never a good option. The more they are exposed to digital equipments, there are more chances of them getting restless and impatient. How about introducing them to Playdough, the most loved creative and helpful playing equipment for your toddler? Be it at home, or at the playschool play dough can have many benefits on your child


When children are allowed to play with the fun and colored dough, they tend to use all their creativity in creating everything that are familiar to them, like vegetables, animals or their favorite cakes or food. Someday they might create a monster while on other day Christmas decorations or food. With play dough, there are hardly any restrictions and their imagination can go boundless thus making play dough the best way to promote and nurture their creativity.Read More

imageKnow Top Three Benefits of Chess for Your Child

A healthy mind and a fit body is a must for any and every child Thus board games such as chess for sure are great games for brain development of children. So what are the benefits? Read on as we share more…

Chess Improves Concentration And Memory

According to various studies playing chess improves the visual memory of a child along with attention span and spatial reasoning ability. As we know that concentration and memory go hand in hand and so for sure it is a good idea. Moreover, to play well a child needs to focus completely on his objective – capturing the opponent’s king. As the player constantly visualizes the board, its pieces, moves and counter moves the power of concentration automatically develops.Read More

imageCreating Art For a Cause

Little fingers holding brush and trying to recreate a Monet, or a Van Gogh or Bosch. Little happy faces using colors of their own choice and painting their imagination, yes, that is Leap Years Preschool’s Art exhibition for you. While schools today are all focused on book learning and mindless education, children are losing touch with art and creativity, but this exhibition was indeed a pleasant sight.

Every Child Is An Artist

To believe that every child is an artist and the world of education is something that needs to be explored is the most innovative thing, a preschool can offer and through Leap Years Preschool we do offer an endless horizon to the little ones to explore, have fun and also learn in the process.Read More

imageLeap Years Preschool bags the Merit Award for The Most Innovative Preschool In Kolkata

Education is vital, but making it boring is not. When your little ones begin to take their first steps, you know it’s time to introduce them to the big wide world. Enrolling them in a preschool is the best option, where they get to learn about the various facets of the new life, which they are soon going to be a part of.

Standing Apart From The Rest

Ofcourse if you take a look in your neighborhood, you will find numerous preschools and choosing one can be a quite a difficult. This is where Leap Years Preschool stands apart from the rest of the preschool in Kolkata. A quick visit to the school premises will be enough to convince you why it is the right place for your little one.Read More

imageFinding The Right School For Your Child

The most important decision after becoming parent is to choose the right school for your little ones. A single decision can make or break the future of your child. Yes, parenting is a huge responsibility and selecting the right school can be the biggest one. But here are Top 5 tips which will help you in choosing the right school from the list of play school in Kolkata, for your bundle of joy when she/he is ready to face the world.


A school with a low teacher student ratio is always the best option for your child. It will help your kid in better participation. They will also receive more attention and support which is important for the growth of your child during this tender age. A low teacher student ratio also helps in identifying a child’s potential and also encouraging them individually. Thus before narrowing down your choice, don’t forget to check the teacher student ratio.Read More

imageDo You Think You Know All About Your 2 Year Old?

Every child is a wonder for all the new parents. Right from the conception the parents learns a lot just like their little bundle of joy. Every phase of a child is a milestone and the parents get to know something new about their little toddlers. It is said that the toddlers at the age of 2 years remains the most active and this age is considered to be one of the crucial stage for the development of a child. It is during this stage that your little darling takes the first step, utters his first words, learns to climb up and down the furniture without any help and grows steadily. But there are some other facts about your two years old which probably you don’t know.


Till the age of 2 or 3years every child is ambidextrous! Yes probably you did not know this but till this age every child uses both their hands equally. From this age onwards, the child starts to favor one hand over the other. How is the preference made, is still not found out but it is a fact that 90% children grow into right handed ones.Read More

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