Einstein Math Centre

The Math centre at Leap Years gives endless opportunities to the child to explore a class full of math activities. From figures for sorting, to shape boxes for matching, to cups to stack by size. Whether they are counting how many marbles they have, fitting a cylinder into a circular hole, or asking for more honey loops, preschoolers are constantly using and experimenting with math concepts. Our preschool teacher uses the Montessori Apparatus along with the creative approach that create learning experiences to build math skills and reasoning.

Math in itself is an abstract concept, but if these abstract concepts are put into a concrete material that the child can manipulate, they are able to learn those concepts at a much younger age, and have them stick with them for a long time.

The Montessori math curriculum is one of the best examples of the unique beauty of Montessori materials. First, the Montessori practical life and sensorial activities give indirect preparations for math. Then, the math materials continue to prepare the child for later learning, use concrete materials to introduce abstract concepts, and give a sequential understanding of mathematical concepts.