image Do You Think You Know All About Your 2 Year Old?

Every child is a wonder for all the new parents. Right from the conception the parents learns a lot just like their little bundle of joy. Every phase of a child is a milestone and the parents get to know something new about their little toddlers. It is said that the toddlers at the age of 2 years remains the most active and this age is considered to be one of the crucial stage for the development of a child. It is during this stage that your little darling takes the first step, utters his first words, learns to climb up and down the furniture without any help and grows steadily. But there are some other facts about your two years old which probably you don’t know.


Till the age of 2 or 3years every child is ambidextrous! Yes probably you did not know this but till this age every child uses both their hands equally. From this age onwards, the child starts to favor one hand over the other. How is the preference made, is still not found out but it is a fact that 90% children grow into right handed ones.


You might often have seen that your child can throw tantrums in front of you but behaves perfectly in front of strangers. It is mainly because your little baby is smarter than you actually give credit. They don’t trust person who are new to them and hence never test the limits of a stranger. Amazed?

It is not all in the genes

Many parents may believe that every growth of a child is in the genes, but it is actually not true. Your child may have the tendency to grow tall in his genes but you need to provide proper nutrition during their growing years to help fulfill what he has received from his parents. Providing them perfectly balanced meal is very important during this phase of their life.

Common Cold not so common

Try to save your adorable toddler from the common cold. A child stops growing when they develop common cold. Include lots of Vitamin C in their diet to help them keep growing.

All Ears

Your toddlers have the sharpest ears during this age. They can hear far better than any adults. With age and pollution the sharpness fades away.

Not Every Toy Is Child’s Play

Little kids are explorers. They learn their basic lessons by doing and getting involved in activities. What we see as play for a child is actually work for the little one. Play gives a child an opportunity to learn, develop and practice new skills, thus choosing the right toy for your child is of utmost interest.

Toys That Have Multiple Uses

Toddlers love to explore, pull apart, build and break things. They may use one block to build a house one day and on the very next day they may pretend it to be a phone. Building blocks, interlocking blocks or block puzzles can be a good option for your little darlings. Just make sure the blocks are not too small to swallow.

Let Them Explore Their Creativity

Every child loves to act as grownups, dress up and behave like an adult. Buying dress up toys can be a good idea, to help your child act like the way you do. Simple dolls which can be dressed up and used creatively is also an option. Avoid dolls that can speak or walk, as they limit the creative exploration of the child .You can also buy toy phones, toy keys and toys that replicate your everyday items, as children love to use them while enacting an adult.

Prepare Your Child To Become A Reader

While they are still learning, just add some alphabet blocks and rubber animals in their playroom and help them recognize the alphabets and animals. They can play as well be ready for their next level of learning.

Unleash Their Creative Side

While buying toys for your child, make sure you buy crayons, finger paints, washable markers and play dough so that the little artist in your child gets unleash and develop their creativity.

Physical Activity Is Also Important

Never forget to add some jumping ropes, riding horses or balls to the toy box. Even though mental development is important, we should never ignore the physical development and health of the child.

Prepare Them For An Equal World

Before ending, there is a small suggestion while buying toys, don’t stick to gender specified toys. Let your son play with a doll or kitchen toys or your daughter play with cars or tool box. Help them get ready for the real world, don’t make it gender specific for them. Select your nursery school in Kolkata after you have gauged not only their academic scope but development scope as well.

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