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The most important decision after becoming parent is to choose the right school for your little ones. A single decision can make or break the future of your child. Yes, parenting is a huge responsibility and selecting the right school can be the biggest one. But here are Top 5 tips which will help you in choosing the right school from the list of play school in Kolkata, for your bundle of joy when she/he is ready to face the world.


A school with a low teacher student ratio is always the best option for your child. It will help your kid in better participation. They will also receive more attention and support which is important for the growth of your child during this tender age. A low teacher student ratio also helps in identifying a child’s potential and also encouraging them individually. Thus before narrowing down your choice, don’t forget to check the teacher student ratio.

Let Words Be Their Companion

While choosing the right school, you must make sure that the school have ample amount of time dedicated to reading and storytelling for the students. It is always better to offer your child a learning centre to explore and not just a classroom. Building blocks with words, storytelling sessions, reading instruction and library sessions are something you should be looking out for in a perfect preschool for your kid.

Math and Science

From the very first day, your child needs to be introduced to the concept of Math and Science, so when you are looking for the perfect school, do take a look at the curriculum and analyze how much importance is placed upon the concept of math and science. A school that invests time in Math or Science project should always top your list.

All Work, A Big No-No

When you are looking for a preschool in Kolkata for your child, do check if they have a special allotted time for your child to play or take a break. All work and no play is a strict no-no. A recess or a separate time to play not only helps your child to break the monotony but also helps in keeping fit both physically, mentally as well as socially. Some school may also include breathing exercises, meditation and yoga to build a healthy habit among the children. Make sure the school gives equal importance to physical and mental health as well. The soft play area, yoga etc can keep your child calm and keep them healthy both physically and mentally.

Regular Update

While every child is unique, a parent must also keep a regular update on the child’s behavior, conduct and need. A good school will always keep parents in loop and keep them updated about a child’s progress. This simply helps in better understanding of the child which will result in better learning experience for the child. When you understand a child, it will help you to guide your little one and let him bloom in a free way.

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