image Leap Years Preschool bags the Merit Award for The Most Innovative Preschool In Kolkata

Education is vital, but making it boring is not. When your little ones begin to take their first steps, you know it’s time to introduce them to the big wide world. Enrolling them in a preschool is the best option, where they get to learn about the various facets of the new life, which they are soon going to be a part of.

Standing Apart From The Rest

Of course if you take a look in your neighborhood, you will find numerous preschools and choosing one can be a quite a difficult. This is where Leap Years Preschool stands apart from the rest of the preschool in Kolkata. A quick visit to the school premises will be enough to convince you why it is the right place for your little one.

Education But With A Difference

Leap Years Preschool do not believe in stuffing little mind with information, instead the school believes in making education fun and interesting. They believe that education is not based on books and they do not have any conventional classroom, instead the little ones learn about the various things in the different learning centers which make learning a fun activity for the little ones. Leap Years innovative approach has made Geography a fun and adventurous things, and science, a very interesting activity. The school aims at overall development of the child. Different festivals are celebrated in the school, which adds some fun to the student’s life as well as teach them about the different festivals we all celebrate. Every occasion is a way to learn something new for the students of Leap Years Preschool.

Leap Years Takes A Leap Forward

This wonderful vision of the director, Pooja Dugar has been much appreciated and encouraged as Leap Years Preschool has been awarded at the Merit Award and Market Research, which is one of the most esteemed awards in the field of education. Leap Years Preschool was awarded as the most innovative preschool in Kolkata in presence of Education Minister Prakash Javadekar and eminent novelist Mr. Chetan Bhagat, which is a big leap for this innovative school.

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Leap Years Preschool bags the Merit Award for The Most Innovative Preschool In Kolkata

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